Monday, October 3, 2011

10/03 - Pokemon Pencils and prominent pillars

The columns of the Union Bank building were inspirational to the Pokemon Pencils. They think when they grow up, they’d like to be so important.
Here, we admire the lines of tall buildings and like the line drawing of a sweet little bird.

In derby news, I did not pass my skills assessment yesterday.  However, I did learn the following things:
  • Cramming for a physical exam is not such a great idea.
  • If you can't do a one-foot glide around the turn before the test, you won't pull it off in the test.  (Right foot glides may surprise you, however.)
  • The local roller rink gets extra groovy on Saturday nights.  Also, you can wear a pink princess super cape, and nobody will pay you any extra attention.  (That wasn't me, but watch out for next time!)
Thanks to all my loyal supporters, who wished me well for the assessment.  Let's do it again next month?


  1. Sorry you didn't pass... But next month you will skate like a SPARTAN!!!!!!! :o)

  2. I will try to remember to yell out "THIS IS SPARTA!" when I get the good news...