Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20 - Tiny Blue Giraffe finds a little too much urban nature

Tiny Blue Giraffe is ready for Halloween.  She likes the pumpkin Lil' Guy made for me. I do too – I brought it in to decorate my desk at work.  :)
Tiny Blue Giraffe found a black horse in the alley.  (Special thanks to David’s guest fingers for helping.)
The froggie fountain was open today.  A silly pigeon tried to go for a froggie ride and almost got wet when he fell off!
Tiny Blue Giraffe felt an earthquake!   Our whole building shook – yay for vintage architecture!  Did you guys feel it?  Did you have an earthquake drill this morning at school?  Just in time!
After work bonus:  A second earthquake!  Did someone forget to tell the fault lines that the Great Shakeout is only a drill?!  (Whose fault is it, anyway?)

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