Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/23 - Jewel finds another bird on BART

There was a new poster at the BART station today about a famous book called The Maltese Falcon.  Jewel flapped her wings at the falcon, but he did not flap back.
Jewel likes things that are blue.  She loved Elizabeth’s pretty blue dress.  Squawk!  (We are cooped up today – busy day!)
Speaking of blue...  It was Crazy Hair Day at the twins' school.  Lil' Gal wanted her hair to look like a unicorn horn.  Given seven minutes and a pipe cleaner, here's my McGuyver creation.

This photo will not be right-side up, no matter what I try.  I surrender.


  1. COOL HAIR!!!!!!

    I wonder how that would look on me? :-D

    1. Hmmm. If you try it, please send pix!