Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15 - Sparrow considers a career change

First, Sparrow tried to get Raj to be a pirate, so he could be a pirate parrot.
Then, he wanted to be Koopa Troopa’s pet parrot.  Silly Sparrow!
When the parrot idea didn’t work out, Sparrow tried to be a woodpecker.  But when it hurt his beak, he decided it was just fine to be a Sparrow after all.  The end.


  1. "Mommy, can we watch Horton Hears a Who?" asks Lil'Gal.

    "I love you!" says Lil' Guy.

    "Can you bring the Koopa Troopa home?" asks Lil' Guy.

    1. Hi cuties! How is everyone feeling today? I miss you!

      Do we have Horton Hears a Who? Maybe we should read it together first and see if it looks like a movie we’d want to rent.

      I love you guys so much!!

      The Koopa Troopa was in a store, and I didn’t have money to buy him. I’m sorry.

    2. "It's okay," says Lil' Guy.

      "Mommy, are you one of those birds from Rio?" asks Lil' Gal.

    3. Yes. I’m the little yellow bird that spins the bottle cap around when he sings.

    4. "I'm Blue," says Lil' Gal.

      "I'm Pedro," says Lil' Guy. "He's the fat guy who dances with Nico!"

    5. Whee!! Dancing bird party!!