Friday, November 18, 2011

11/18 - Tinker is a lookie loo

Tinker found a goblin.  We saw this cute little guy in the train station this morning.  He has a strange sense of humor.
We saw a bunch of fire trucks and firefighters and thought for a minute that my work was on fire, but it was a few buildings down.  Rumor is that there was a small fire in the basement, but we got to see a firefighter go up the big ladder!

 Tinker wanted to be one of the fire tools, of course.


  1. I love the name of your blog! Thanks for sharing Tinks adventures. Will this be a multi park series? :)

    New follower
    Regina, the crazy nuts mom

  2. Haha, that lady in the first of the FD pictures looks horrified that an adult woman is playing with a Tinker Toy in public!

  3. @Regina/CrazyNutsMom -- I'll keep bringing toys to work and sharing my adventures as long as the kids keep sharing them with me!

    @WritePassion -- I try to snap my photos on the sly, but I do occasionally get looks... :)