Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/02 - Pluto works like a dog

Today, Pluto and I worked hard to get the house ready for our special guest.  First, we cleaned up all the fallen leaves and branches from last night's wind storm.
Then, we waited for the cleaning ladies to come.  After some time went by, we realized -- like the Whos in Whooville -- that no Christmas was coming.  We were a week off in our heads.  So we busted a move and got the house shipshape.

Then, we got a big pile of groceries to feed us and our impending guest.  (Who is it??!)
I got the kids from school in the nick of time, and off we went to the airport to pick up....  Grandmother!  Tada!
I'd like the record to show that I was beating her like crazy in Scrabble until we started falling over from sleepy.    And yes, "felting" is a word.  Thank you.


  1. Well that is MUCH cooler than Santa :o)

  2. Ahem. Don't tell the kids, but she might have *been* Santa..