Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11/09 - In which Diego Checker and Mommy break the BART

As soon as we stepped on to the train this morning, it went out of service! We rode back a stop (the new West Dublin station is quite nice), only to JUST miss the SF train. Welcome back, me!

Fire drill!!  Diego Checker walked quickly and quietly to the closest exit. (Someone joked that bystanders might mistake us for protesters, as we stood in front of the Federal Reserve building.)
Evening commute BART bonus:  The train before mine overshot its landing, so the doors weren't lined up with the designated boarding spots on the platform.  I guess they can't back it up, so they announced that the next train was in 8 minutes, and that train took off without letting anyone board.  How lame is that?  (And how did I narrowly avoid it?)

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  1. From David: Hopefully more than 99% made it out of the building!