Monday, August 29, 2011

8/27- Operation Grampy's Birthday Surprise

So we thought for a minute that it was Grampy's 80th birthday and started making plans to have us kids fly out for a surprise party.  When we found out that he's merely 77, it did not deter us at all.  We figured this way, he'd be REALLY surprised.  :)

Lil' Guy was the only one (barely) up as I was leaving for the airport.  He handed me an alien blaster from our space station, which he informed me was a pogo stick.  (I love how we shelter them.)

Hi guys!  Pogo and I are at the airport.  We miss you already!
Pogo found a pirate ship... Do you remember we saw this when we went sailing with Captain Dave?
Grampy and Pogo say hi.  He was so surprised to see me and uncle Tod here!
Uncle Tod is silly (and way sunburned).  He says hi...
Pogo met a large snake after hours.  It was sleeping.... thankfully

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