Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/09 - Princess Petulant and the pirates

We came in this morning to find out we were late to a meeting we didn’t know we had.  Then our next meeting got moved up and we weren’t as prepared as we’d hoped to be.  Our hair is a mess and we have not had enough coffee.  Happily, we did make it into work without accidentally poking anyone with my pirate sword (although it was tempting to use it on some slow walkers at one point).
This is a very famous San Francisco building.  It’s shaped like a triangle!  Here we are at the bottom of it.
Click this link for more pictures.
After work, we got to go to a very cool Pirate Party at Forbes Island.  Now I want an island...

Actually, when I learned it was a self-powered ship of an island, I tried to convince some other pirates to seize it with me, but we were not successful.  :(

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