Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17 - Dora meets a family of giants!

Dora and her twin brother and sister found some giants on our way into work!  (They’re really just some statues.  The work is called “Agriculture” and is by Ralph Stackpole.)
Dora says, "Mira! Una ensalada muy grande!" This ensalada has lechuga (lettuce), maiz (corn), tomates (tomatoes), queso (blue cheese), and higos (figs).  Delicioso!
In other exciting news, the replacement Roo has arrived!  (History lesson:  Roo the First went missing.  Roo the Second was accidentally tossed over the fence and was Lost Forever in the brambles and ivy.)  This is Roo the Third.  May he stay around for a long time.  (And if not, at least we have a photo this time.)


  1. Ummm, that salad and that Spanish lesson both look delish :)

  2. The salad was excellent. And it should have been, for $12!