Monday, February 28, 2011

2/25 - Reader, we ran for the hills

The last time we got away for a weekend together without kids, it was early 2008.  Thanks to our friends, we were able to enjoy a getaway this weekend.

It was much more about the "what" than the "where."  While the rest of the Bay Area was a-flutter about snow flurries, we shuffled off to a cottage in the hills, where we hid out and ate cheese, lolled in the hot tub, and fell into 3-hour naps every time we sat down.  I will credit Mama with the Scrabble win and an impressive bingo on her first turn -- right after I'd triumphantly plunked down "JOCKS" for 52 points and thought I was going to win.  (Her word was TWEEZERS, if you must know. Bingo plus triple word.)

Anyway, here's a picture of cheese.  I cannot recommend the sage derby highly enough.  Or the naps.

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