Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18 - Pooh Bear sniffs a star

"It smells of sparkles!" he says.
Pooh is motivated by Positive Thoughts ... and honey, of course.
Later, I couldn't find Pooh.  Linda was playing with him!  He must have followed her out of our meeting.  Silly old bear.
And then it was a 3-day weekend.  Although BART stole 2 hours of it by using 3 of their 5 usual delays -- medical emergency, equipment problem, electrical problem.  (What?  No fire or police activity?  Why not go for a bingo?)


  1. Lil' Guy says to Linda, "I'm Belly!" (her cat)

    Lil' Gal says to Linda, "I love you!

  2. Hi, make your own lego duplo elephant. Easy instructions are here:
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  3. We are now into the teeny "regular" Legos, but still need help with what/how to build -- this is a great site. Thank you!