Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/11 - Toto saw a steamroller!


Lil' Girl gave me Toto to bring in today.  We saw a steamroller on the way in, and then we had some breakfast.

Hi guys!  Toto and I went for lunch at a food court with a sculpture that looked like a jail.  Then, we saw a green trolley!  What did you do today? 


Their reply:
Lil' Girl says "thank you!" and Lil' Guy says "I Love You!" 
"I love you, Mommy" adds Lil' Girl.  "I want to kiss you," Lil' Guy says. 
Lil' Guy also wants to say, "Upside down." 

Finally, Toto joined Suzanne and Liz and I for dinner.  Nom!!

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