Saturday, November 7, 2009

10/28 - Tiny Gorilla of Controversy

The tiny gorilla was recently unearthed from a toy bin and was received with all the enthusiasm of a brand-new toy, fought over, lost and missed desperately, etc. The day after that, Lil' Boy tucked him in my pocket "so he'll be safe."

"But honey, this pocket is going to work."
"That's OK. He can go with you."

I knew this had the potential of going terribly, terribly wrong, so we talked through it. If Tiny Gorilla was at work, he wouldn't be at home, and were we sure he wouldn't be missed? I was assured it would be fine. Later reports show that it was NOT fine about 15 minutes after I left. Oh well.

Here's what we did at work. Tiny Gorilla played in my Thinking Putty (aka "the muddy") and had lunch with Rosemary. (Noodles! Yum!)

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