Friday, November 6, 2009

10/27 - That Silly Doug!

This morning, Lil' Girl asked me indignantly, "Where are you going?!"

I told her I was going to work, and she asked if I'd see my work friends there.

When I told her yes, she asked if I'd see "that silly guy."

"Doug?" I asked. (He's my boss, BTW.)

"Yes. He has that big ball! And Bob the Builder! He's so silly!"

Then Lil' Guy said, "Maybe Doug can come to our house! And bring that Bob the Builder!"

So, Bubbles had to go to Doug's office and try to sit on the big exercise ball. The twins thought this was really silly and talked a lot about it with her when she came home. "Did you climb up that ball?! It's really slippery!"

In response to "Where is Mommy?" in the photos, here I am.

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