Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Life's a Beach

We spent a few days in Maryland with Grammie and Dado, who suggested we go to the beach.  We were not expecting there to be jellyfish.  Especially those of us that really, really don't like jellyfish.
 All these people wouldn't be frolicking and swimming if there were jellyfish, right?
Beckie overcame her fear of the squishy creatures, and Lil' Guy never had any fear. Here is his flying fish impression.
Lil' Gal was all set to go swimming until we saw some of the aforementioned squishy creatures and that was about it for her.  She did some wading, but spent the rest of the time working on her sandcastle skills.
Also important are ship captaining skills.
All this fun in the sun made us quite hungry, so we went to a fine waterfront establishment, where we learned that Lil' Guy is a big seafood fan!
 Thanks to Grammie and Dado for sharing their home and their seafood!
Twins on the rocks...  Least relaxing drink ever.
 Everybody loves a sunset.  Ahhhhh.
(Grammie's photo!  Thank you!)

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