Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Fun with the Very Still (and more bugs!)

We drove by this cemetery on our last trip, and Lil' Gal remembered that she wanted to go.  Begged us to go.  "Can we, please?  Please?  I've never been to a cemetery."  (True.  Darn that sea-level logistical thing.) So we went.  It was a lovely place.
OK, now stand together and smile...  Oh.
We have to go up here!
 Let's try this again.  Please stand here and...  Oh.

 Who is lecturing who here?
 Anyone home?
 OK, that is a great smile.  Now, if we could just get your sister to...  Oh.

 Um.  I am not appropriate.
 Where is Lil' Gal?
 Peek a boo!
Later, we met a lovely beetle.
And some very lovely slugs.  Or so they tell me.  Shudder...
...who left some not-so-lovely slime on the kids' hands that wouldn't wash off.  Not with soap, not with scrubbing.  Thank goodness for Google and lots of table salt.

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