Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/12 - Nap time for Woodstock's Tree

I found myself needing a stapler, so Woodstock's Tree and I looked through my old work boxes in the shed.  We were happy to find a stapler.  And not only any stapler, but Fish Stapler!!  We will be stapling with style now.
I am still a bit sick, so after being on hold to resolve a bill, I decided to hop back in the sack.  (Look at all those spelling words!!)  Doesn't Woodstock's Tree look cute all snuggled up?  (His elbows are a bit pointy, though!)
Meanwhile, the twins participated in their school's walkathon.  They walked 8 laps, got their faces painted, ate hot dogs, and entered some raffles.  That sounds like much more fun!

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