Monday, October 8, 2012

10/08 - Yellow Jack exceeds the time limit

He liked finding yellow things on the way in to work, especially this yellow parking meter.
I wish there were a time limit on my morning meetings.  4 hours straight seems a bit excessive when one’s sick...

Yellow Jack thought my lentil soup was a murky swimming pool and was going to use the spoon as a catapult to sproing in there for a dip until I yelled, “Stop!” (My coworkers wondered why I was yelling at the soup.)
Going after this cold with both barrels (they call it Tom YUM for a reason):
Odd bug behavior edition:  I noticed there was a grasshopper in the house.  Of all the places to go, s/he made a beeline for the Halloween spider/spiderweb decorations on the fireplace.  Of course.  S/he seemed to take a special interest in walking on the rubber spiders, through the web (I got queasy at the thought of having to untangle one of those spindly legs), and finally landed like a bow on the big spider's head.  So pretty.  Here s/he is, being the spider's parrot?  Yarrrchirp.

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