Friday, August 31, 2012

8/31 - Donkey Kong tells Princess Daisy to hoist the anchor

Daisy said she was not dressed properly for such an activity and that Donkey Kong should go ahead and hoist it himself.  She is such a princess.  (Lil' Guy left her in the car this morning, and I felt bad leaving her there, so DK and I brought her to work too.)
I asked Erika to hold up Donkey Kong and Daisy, but they wanted to show off their fancy poses.  She had a hard time holding on to them!
How was the rest of your school day?  Here’s a picture I took of you guys meeting Moochie the chinchilla.  Did he like being back at school?


  1. Lil' Guy says, "That picture of Moochie is really cute!"

  2. Lil' Guy says, "I love you!"

    Lil' Gal says, "I'm a little doggie!"

  3. My Dogs are both gone now :o( Maybe I need a Moochie :o)

    1. Moochie was very soft and twitched his whiskers in a very cute way. I hear he eats carrots and chews on sticks. Sounds pretty easy. Especially the part about putting up with all those first graders...