Saturday, February 11, 2012

2/10 - Littlest Monkey finds a time machine

Littlest Monkey and I passed a fire engine, chief’s car, ambulance, police car, and police motorcycle on the way into work.  There was some kind of medical emergency, and they were bringing someone out of a building on a stretcher. Here is Littlest Monkey by the fire engine. (We didn’t take a picture of the sick person, because we wouldn’t want people taking OUR picture if we were being rushed into an ambulance.)
We couldn’t find a title for this painted sculpture, so Littlest Monkey tried to use it as a time machine.  He wanted to go to the future where monkeys rule the world and drive banana cars around town.  Lucky for us, it didn’t work and Littlest Monkey and I will see you soon!  We are excited about the Kindergarten Dance!!!
Kindergarten Dance Update:  As expected, Lil' Guy was eager to dive right in, and Lil' Gal clung to me at the door way for about half an hour, protesting the noise levels.  (What with the music and the balloon popping, I can't say I blamed her!)  The twins' best friends arrived, and Lil' Guy and his pal dove into the fray.  Lil' Gal's sweet friend eventually lured her in with a game of "keep the balloon aloft," and a good time was had by all.

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