Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2/01 - Professor Inkling has an inkling this will be yummy

Professor Inkling (formerly known as Alienist) was indubitably impressed with this invertebrate’s intelligence.
Er – he thought the dandy downtown octopus was really smart!
Raj brought in a box of cupcakes for the team today.  I got the last red velvet one! And the Professor was right – it was delicious!  NOM!


  1. Scary, scary little guy.. I'm gonna sleep with the puppies extra close later {*shivers} :o)

  2. But he speaks with a British accent! And loves cupcakes! He's an intellectual octopus now. (Did I mention he's a finger puppet?) Don't be scared.

  3. Well if he has a British accent...and he does have a yummy cup cake, I suppose I can take off the garlic necklace :-P