Thursday, December 22, 2011

12/22 - Captain Matey and the giant chicken of doom

Captain Matey (formerly known as Piratitude) was out exploring at lunchtime, when he was suddenly almost eaten by a giant chicken hat (she thought the Captain was a kernel of corn)!

Captain Matey thought quickly, and used his telescope to prop the chicken’s beak open while he made his escape.  When the chicken shook her head, the telescope went flying, and Captain was able to retrieve it.  Phew!
David gave me a book about a girl that roller skates, but look who’s on the cover…  It’s Captain Matey’s evil twin, pretending to be an innocent village fruit vendor!

Captain Matey drew his sword and said, “Step away from the cart, you imposter!”  And he took Captain Hatey right to jail.  How do ya like them apples?


  1. i love you, says Lil' Guy. (and he typed it!)

    "Cornay loves you," says Lil' Gal.

  2. Classic! I love this little story. I just have to wonder, though, who would be brave enough to wear a chicken hat in public!

  3. Gosh - I am terrifically sorry - I did not mean to put Captain Matey in such frightful peril!

    On the other hand, I am quite certain roller skate grrrl would be able to employ her derby skills to block Captain Hatey in a trice!

    Absolutely brilliant!

    - David

  4. @WritePassion: I have yet to see the chicken hat on a person and not on display, but I'll keep my eyes peeled!

    @David: I didn't realize it was Captain Matey's twin until I put him next to the book! But he and roller grrl had it under control.