Thursday, December 15, 2011

12/15 - Ghostie Glasses spies tiny elf shoes

There was some kind of photo shoot going on.  (The umbrella is to help aim the lights onto the model they’re photographing.)  Ghostie Glasses wanted to be in the picture and be famous, but he was upside down.  Whoopsie.
Don’t these shoes look like something elves would wear?  And look!  It’s Pooh Bear.  He looks like he’s thinking about wearing some Ghostie Glasses.
Sad Ghostie Glasses update:  This is the last we'll hear of GG.  Since our last posting, he'd lost the glasses part of himself in a tragic dismemberment by Lil' Guy.  Upon his return home tonight, he was ripped in half (also by Lil' Guy, who is becoming more of a Big Guy each day).  RIP Ghostie Glasses.  May your haunting be happy.

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