Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25 - Helen peeks out

(Note for blog fans:  "Helen" is really Walden.  Lil' Guy and I pretend he is Helen from the show "Martha Speaks.")

Since we thought Helen looked so silly peeking out of my bag, I thought I'd take her picture like that.  Nobody on the train seemed to notice her, but I showed her to Rodney (security guard) and he laughed.  Now she's sitting at my desk, watching me drink my coffee.
Lil' Guy and Lil' Gal (aka the Chipmunks) really wanted to come to work with me today, but they didn't fit in my bag. Lil' Guy had the brilliant idea to take their Xmas photo from the fridge, "I know how we can fit!" I told him I have this photo at my desk and look at it all the time.  Helen wanted to hug it, so I let her.

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