Sunday, January 23, 2011

1/22 - Robot/Space Party!

To celebrate the twins' 5th birthday, we had some of their friends --and ours-- come over for a Robot/Space Party.  Aside from putting the wrong address on the evite (whoopsie!), it went well.

Broken Glass Jello
Spinach Dip
Veggie Queso
Mint Chocolate UFO's from Trader Joe's
The usual kid snacks:  goldfish crackers, alphabet cookies, craisins, juice boxes
Rocket Cake and Ice Cream

Space sticker project
Jet Pack Race
Pin the Astronaut on the Moon
Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, Blast Off!!

Wind-Up Robots
Robot Lollipops

We were lucky to have great weather (60's and sunny), so kids could run between the house and the back yard.  They even played an impromptu game of tag/hide and seek, which was very cute. The backyard has all of 2 (obvious) hiding spots, so everyone either piled in under the trampoline, or hid behind the stunted orange tree.

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