Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/03 - Littlest Seahorse is excellent with numbers

Silly Seahorse slid down a triangle block while I had 3 meetings.  Whee!! (Two of the meetings were at the same time -- 8am!)
Littlest Seahorse realized that we have an example of poor QA work on my very calendar...  Can you find the number 12?  Can you find it again?  Whoopsie!  What number should the first 12 have been?
8, 9, ??, 11, 12 

We window-shopped on the way back from lunch. Which was eaten outside of the office!  With a friend!  We got to breathe fresh air!

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  1. "Can you get that Christmas tree for me?" asks Lil' Guy.

    "Thank you," says Lil' Gal.