Friday, January 31, 2014

1/29 - Bullseye takes art class with Frog and Toad

They told him art takes a steady hand.  (Bulleye does not have hands!)
They told him art takes a clear head.  (Bulleye can do this!)
They told him art sometimes requires sweat and tears.  (This will make Bullseye rusty!)

Bullseye decided he would rather look at art instead.  Smart Bullseye.

     * Spelling words in bold.

[fun note for grownups -- the original photo had Frog (or Toad?) male-enhanced by some nice tagger in the BART station.  I have since made the photo suitable for younger viewers.]

Then we had dinner with Jeanine, who caught me up on all the news from my old job, and took Bullseye's name a bit literally...

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