Monday, June 10, 2013

5/31 - Propeller is stuck (and some happy news)

BART was having problems this morning.  We had to wait 25 minutes for a train, and then they sent us one that was only 4 cars long!  We couldn’t even get on the train.  When we did, about 10 minutes later, it was slow and had to stop a lot of times.  Oh, BART.

Propeller thought some water would be nice on a hot day.  We thought this fountain looked like Propeller’s cousin, water type.
We've got crabs!  Lil' Gal needed a replacement for Herbert (RIP) and Lil' Guy had to have a new crab for parity, so I have adopted Sheldon.  The new crabs are zippy!  And Lil' Gal's (red shell) escaped his cage the very first night.  We may call him (her?) Houdini!


  1. Very sad about Herbert. We were like, bffs.

    1. I know!! :(

      You will have to meet the new guys (gals?). They are super very busy and slightly terrifying.