Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/23 - Bat Ring and I spy some silly things at lunch

The first is a dangerous potty.  It must be dangerous, otherwise why would it need a guard?
The second was a new restaurant called Skewers, where they grill shisk-a-bobs.  But apparently not very well…  Looks like they had a kitchen fire before anybody even heard about them.
And finally, we saw signs saying that the Transamerica Building was now open!  New tourist site!  Bat Ring and I were excited at the thought of going to the tippity top and looking around the city, but what was open was actually a gift shop.  It did show videos about the Transamerica Building and the views from way up high, but we didn’t have time to watch them today.  Here, Bat Ring pretends he flew to the top.

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