Friday, September 28, 2012

9/23 - Weekend fun: Derby championship edition

We had a pretty lazy Saturday last weekend, recovering from a big week in first grade and a lot of meetings at work for Mommy.  Here, the Mario gang goes camping on the moon.  (Dunno -- that's what they told me we were doing.)
It was the West Regional Playoffs, and while the twins have come with me to many a practice, they had yet to see a real bout.  It was time to do something a-bout that.  (heh)
We always like hanging out with Bit O' Honey.

 "Can we go look at the girls?"  Who could say no to that??

David looked very dapper, sporting his black and shiny blingy gold.
In the end, the twins' favorite thing about the bout was the cupcakes.  Oh, well.  What's not to like about  rainbow colored cupcake with glittery frosting?
We did not get to see the Half of Besterns Flash Mob, where refs and friends put the ref hand signals to music, but it was a thing of beauty.

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