Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6/24 - Weekend fun: Rainbow wheels edition

I'll be honest.  This weekend was a lot about me and things wheel/derby-related.  On Friday, I had derby practice.  On Saturday, the kids and I played, I cleaned the house a bit, and we went for groceries.  Then, I skated with my team (and others) in the San Francisco Dyke March.

Count Whackula and I arrived shortly before the march was to take place. We couldn't find our group, but skated furiously through the pack --er, crowd-- to get through to the front, where we *did* find our girls!  Then we may or may not have danced on tables, enjoyed burritos, and generally derby grrrled it up.

On Sunday, my teammates and I watched the Gotham vs. Rose City bout with Shadow Soldier and her brother Killa. That was one burly bout! Check out this "Pegassist!"

Care for a bowl of rebellion? Anyone?

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