Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/17 - Giraffe is having technical difficulties

Giraffe and I are having a bit of a day...
  1. My ATM card is suddenly "not valid."
  2. My credit card was declined.
  3. My backup credit card is not in my bag.  (Thanks to Linda for lunch [which was missing a fork, of course]!)
  4. The FM4D video will not fully load to our web server.
  5. My phone does not have sufficient memory to store photos, but it will not let me delete any photos (unless I delete them all at once!).
We apologize for not sending a picture this morning. We'll try to find someone else with a phone camera this afternoon, OK?

Linda helped us with photos!  She is today's hero!

Giraffe misses Ashley, who's traveling this week. (We all do!)  He was snuggling up to her picture.

Then he went for a romp in some flowers.

1 comment:

  1. "I'll give you a kiss and a hug when you get back from work," says Lil' Guy.

    "I'm tired!" whines Lil' Gal.