Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18 - Howler Monkeys hitch a ride

I should've known that bringing monkeys to work was gonna be trouble...  First, they played in the bushes by the train station and almost made us late.

Then, they couldn't resist the "muddy" Thinking Putty at my desk.  (People can't either!)

After all that, the Howler Monkeys still had then nerve to hop onto my necklace and try to go for a ride around the office.  Silly monkeys!

I thought this was quite appropriate for this week, especially since I'm still working, but now from home.  Feh.


  1. "To Mommy: I have magic, and I can turn you into a dog," says Lil' Guy.

    "I'm a horsie, who can go fast... neigh," says Lil' Gal. "You're my mommy... you're my best buddy," says Lil' Gal.

  2. I want that magic! I have so much work, and it would be more fun if I were a dog!

    I want to go for a ride with my best buddy horsie! Neigh neigh!