Friday, March 12, 2010

3/10 - Princess Naveen and the big shot

Today was the twins' 4-year check up visit.  They are doing well overall.  Lil' Gal' is still 5 pounds heavier than Lil'Guy and is now .25 inches taller.  She's in the 75th percentile height/weight, and he's in 50th percentile.  As always, she is a dumpling and he is a string bean.  Both healthy, thank everyone.

The doc encouraged us to get chickenpox shots today, as the 5th year visit is "huge."  So we did.  We made Lil' Guy go first, since he is the king of stoic, and Lil' Gal screams like a banshee at the very  mention of shots.

It all got better when stickers were produced for bravery.  They each got three.  Lil' Gal gave me her princess sticker because "I love you so much."

Now who's crying?  (I wore it all day, even to the store.)

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