Monday, February 8, 2010

2/05 - Flyin' Francine

One day, Aunt Patty and cousin Jason had the brilliant idea to throw a surprise party for Grandmother.  And they talked me and Uncle Tod into coming for the party.  I got to bring a little princess kitty with me that for years has not had a name.  As we tucked the bleary kids into the minivan early Friday morning to take me to the train station, Lil' Guy piped up in a tiny voice.  "Her name is Francine."  OK.

Waiting for the train in the dark, desperately wanting coffee.

Here we are, waiting to board the plane (ours was to the left).

We had a quick layover in Phoenix, where they did not have anything vegetarian to eat that was not pizza.

We arrived in Austin, right on time!  Unfortunately, Uncle Tod got stuck in Atlanta for way more hours than necessary.

He finally arrived, and Jason took us to the party, where Grandmother was mighty surprised.  And happy to feed chips to Francine.

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