Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/17 - Love You Puppy says, "Rats!"

The twins and I have been renting pets from Sulphur Creek Nature Center.  This week, we have Beyonce the rat.  She is very inquisitive and makes really cute little sounds when she's exploring and really cute little snores when she's sleeping.  Here she is helping me take (eat) a note.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/11 - A Woodland Birthday

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had great holidays and 2015 is bringing you love and other good things.  Would you believe that my little twins are almost nine?  It's true.

We celebrated with their friends this past weekend at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center, which is a great place.  The party deal offered the kids a chance to meet and feed the animal(s) of their choice, from a list of friendly residents, and do a project or go on a nature hike.  Our naturalist was super friendly and gave great customer service (but did not allow rides in the birthday cart).

You know me.  I had to bust out some decorations and goodies for the party, even if it was just in a rented space.  I leveraged heavily the woodland theme ideas from The Ellie Blog.  First of all, how cute are these printables?

Next up, some cupcakes.  I really like gel food coloring for tinting the frosting.  (Yes, I still had my Christmas tree up.)

I ordered some rainbow-colored goodie bags and the kids decorated them with the printable stickers.  We tossed in a camo-colored bracelet and owl stickers from the party store, some candy, and one of these little animal figures (except the ones the twins wanted to keep at home):

The kids and I trimmed down brown paper lunch sacks and used more stickers to pretty them up.  We offered popcorn, "twigs," (stick pretzels), crunchy carrots, and bear graham crackers.

We decorated the room with the super cute birthday banner and offered animal ears (fox, bear (or mouse), and bunny).  I wasn't sure if the kids were too old or cool for that sort of thing, and was delighted when they all put them on!

The kids enjoyed roaming around the center, checking out the animals in the displays and putting on puppet shows.  Then it was time to meet some animals!  Lil' Gal had selected a guinea pig, and Strawberry was a sweetie.

Lil' Guy wanted to meet a rabbit, and Scarlett was very nice, although not really into crowds.

Then it was time for the nature hike.  We howled at the coyotes that live at the center (our naturalist encouraged us to do it, and, while the coyotes didn't howl back, we were thrilled to see them scamper around and wag their tails just like dogs.  We also saw a family of wild turkey vultures and a deer family, including a mom deer with triplets.

After that, we needed some cupcakes and ice cream.  Poor Lil' Gal has never been a fan of the singing...

It was a really special day, and I was so happy the kids had a good time.

Happy birthday, my sweeties.  I hope this is a wonderful year for you -- the best yet, with many more to come.

Love, Mommy

Note:  Other neat woodland-themed ideas I found are on my Pinterest Board.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In which I blame The Sick, The Busy and the just plain old Tired

Would you believe I'm still taking pictures of the twins' toys every day?  I am!  Some of them are even quite clever.  And then, at the end of the day, I just don't get around to posting them.  I will...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/27 - Moustacheless Mario jumps for joy at the fajita bar

Someone had a lunch meeting today, and instead of it being a meeting without lunch, it ended up being a lunch without a meeting.  How awesome is that?

"What's on the agenda today?"  "Eating free food.  Your action item is this cookie."  NOM. Check that off the list.

8/18 - Elephant hugs a tree

We had 14 meetings on this Monday and didn't get to see much of anything besides coworkers and conference rooms.  (Yes, 14. I do not recommend it.)  We did take a moment and appreciate nature, which was a small coffee tree at a coworker's desk.  Ahhh.  (Well, we couldn't figure out how to drink it.)

8/19 - Elephant makes a very tall friend

Our company had a fun summer event today, with jumpy houses and games and wandering performers.
 The stilt lady thought Elephant was very cute.  He thought she was a fancy giraffe.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8/20 - Elephant gets a little fruity

So the thing with the free cookies?  Nancy is full service.  She brought me a cookie *and* an apple.  Brought the latter home for the kids because I am also good at sharing.  Fruit, anyway.

8/21 - Elephant wants the cookie, not the cold

My job seems to have a lot of cookies. So much so, that on the days where there are no free cookies, I get a little pouty.  (Do NOT have a problem. Could quit cookies whenever I wanted to. Just not today.)

Happily, new girl Heather has the same problem with fondness for cookies and is good at sharing.  We like her a lot.

8/22 - Ice Bird is broke, yo

So don't ask him for anything.  (File under: odd things one finds in a conference room...)

8/25 - Moustacheless Mario is so fancy

I went to get my hair did, and Mario made a fancy friend.
I'm so fancy
You already know
I'm in the fast lane
From L.A. to Mario
I'm so fancy
Can't you taste this gold?
Remember my name
'Bout to blow